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"It has helped me with running. I am running faster and with less effort. Reasons why I became a member at Iron Grip: Variety of exercise, location, times of class and the owners!"

Kerryne Kraemer (Age Range: 31-40) Member since: May 2014

"Between the quality and variety you get at Iron Grip, I feel like I've gotten way more than my money's worth. If you find yourself bored at a traditional gym, this is the place for you. I tried it once and thought it was awesome! Everyone at Iron Grip is super cool."

Calvin Denissen (Age Range: 21-30) Member since: March 2015

"I have tried a few different exercise things- videos, personal trainer etc to lose weight and get fit. Nothing has worked or is too expensive; this work-out has been fun! I have seen results and have been willing to stick to it. I have become stronger and have been able to use my strength to improve my dance. Core strength and balance have helped my dance technique and styling."
Cheryl Bass (Age range: 31-40) Member since: June 2014

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