do you offer a free trial class? yes we do within the mindbody app on sunday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.

how do I sign-up for my first class? first you must download the mindbody health & fitness app, create an account, search Iron Grip gym, choose a class time you would like to attend on Sunday, tuesday, thursday or saturday. once you select the class it will offer you your trial class.

mindbody is not offering me a free class, why? this happens for one of two reasons typically. free classes are restricted to sunday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. If you are trying to sign up on Monday, Wednesday or Friday it will not offer you a free class. The other problem is you may have to select payment type and select the free class if it does not default for you.

why don't you offer the first class for free on Monday, Wednesday or Friday? we restrict these days because we have new clients come to circuits (trainxcardio or train360) so we can evaluate them properly before they come to the strength class.

My first visit-what I need to know. please arrive 15 minutes early, bring clean shoes to change into when you arrive so we can keep the gym as clean as possible. we will explain the workout and get your history during the 15 minutes prior to class start.

do I have to be in shape to begin classes at iron grip? absolutely not! we take everyone from beginner to advanced. if you have health issues we need to screen in advance we will let you know. however we have progressions for all fitness levels and will accommodate as needed.

once I try my first class what is the next option if I would like to continue classes? we offer a 4 week unlimited class option for all new clients for $75. you can buy this via the mindbody app.

if I buy 4 weeks for $75 do I need to buy gloves and wraps to do the boxing classes? no, we have complimentary wraps and gloves during this trial period. if you continue after this you will be required to purchase gloves and wraps from iron grip gym for $50.

what if I have my own gloves and wraps? do I still need to buy them from iron grip? not always. we require 16 oz gloves to make sure our clients are safe therefore if you bring your gloves in and we approve them you do not have to buy new ones.

how do you take payments if I were to sign-up for the yearly membership? we require you to have a credit card on file at the gym and it's charged every month on the 1st.

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